Dil Tere Naam

This is the first poem i’ve ever written in my life. I never thought that i would be able to write a poem - that too in Hindi. This didn’t win but still it’s cool. How i wrote this - even I don’t know. Sharad motivated me a lot to write this so thnx buddy.We all here shared a great laugh on this poem - some remarkable crap i have written . There’s a parody also coming i suppose - Sachin?? Superlike for the look of disgust on the faces of Mridul Verma and Vineet Hingorani. I felt the same when this completed :) Now that i come to think of it this looks kind of cheeky :P. So anyways………. Dil Tere Naam - by Shikhar Sharma and Sharad Gupta ft. Rohit Singh Dil Tere Naam - Hindi Love Poem by Shikhar Sharma This was my entry in a Hindi Love Poem competition held at IIT Kanpur in 2012.