I did a summer project on hacking along with Rahul Kumar in Summer 2011 at IIT Kanpur. This is an article which was published in NERD which is a technical magazine published by the institute. It is available at http://iitk.ac.in/nerd/V4N4.pdf though this link might stop working after a few years. Being a sensitive topic, we weren’t allowed to publish our complete work or any of its technical details. So here’s the text of the same article which was published in the magazine.

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This is the first poem i’ve ever written in my life. I never thought that i would be able to write a poem - that too in Hindi. This didn’t win but still it’s cool. How i wrote this - even I don’t know. Sharad motivated me a lot to write this so thnx buddy.We all here shared a great laugh on this poem - some remarkable crap i have written . There’s a parody also coming i suppose - Sachin?? Superlike for the look of disgust on the faces of Mridul Verma and Vineet Hingorani. I felt the same when this completed :) Now that i come to think of it this looks kind of cheeky :P. So anyways………. Read on →

UPDATE: This article is a bit old and may not be relevant now.

The end of JEE from 2013 onwards has been in the news for quite some time and all of us have heard about this even though nothing is yet certain after the MHRD’s so called “final decision”. The MHRD has recently proposed a unified examination called the ISEET which will be a common entrance examination for admissions to B.Tech. courses in colleges all over India . Now this decision has seen a lot of opposition from IITians and students from all over the country. Read on →

Thought i would change the title of this default post but then decided to stick to it. So hello guys finally i made a blog. I sure will take out some time regularly to update this. This is it then  - My first blog post - very quick and short. Yipee!!!